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As I’ve been involved with the radio business all my life, I want to use my strong technical background to provide a unique service to the broadcast facility. I have individual experience that includes engineering, information technology, web design, as well as on air talent. I wish to utilize my services in a technical manner with understanding of the various personalities and professionals that depend on properly maintained broadcast equipment and computer technology, a service that is continuously updated and created by ongoing education, along with participation in new technologies.


Qualifications and Skills


I am a SBE member with CBNT certification.


I have my technician class Amateur Radio License, call sign - KG4WXX.


As far back as age 5, I would go to work with my Dad at Oldies 96.3. He would sit me on a tall stool in the studio where the morning newsperson sat. I would put on a pair of headphones and actually do some co-hosting.

Age 12 I was hired by Ron Simpson - owner of WQKR in Portland. I worked on the weekend evenings running the board for the football games. I would also do several hours of music after the games reporting incoming scores from other high schools.


At age 13 I worked with Watt Hairston at the WSM AM 650 transmitter site. I installed parts in the tuning box where the transmitter feed line attaches which are still in use today at WSM.


From age 12 – 15 I worked with Dad and brother on Internet projects and with CMR (Country Music Radio for Europe). I was responsible for the operation of computers that would originate live streaming audio and video for events like the CMA Awards, Nashville Music Awards and GMA’s Dove Awards. I ran the digital audio editors that we used to record all of the CMR interviews.


I am proficient at PC construction, repair and troubleshooting.


I have done beta testing for Microsoft Server 2003. I have extensive knowledge of Windows 3.1, 95, 98, 2000, XP, Server 2003, Linux Redhat, Fedora, Mandrake, Knoppix, and Suse.


I have a complete knowledge in EAS and FCC rules and regulations from towers to logs.


Experienced working with ISDN, T1 carriers, VPN and TCP/IP.


Effective in the building and operation of digital audio editors and computer based radio station automation.


I am skilled in working on, rebuilding and installing systems designed by Prophet, Smartcaster, BE Audio Vault, BSI’s Wavestation & Simian, Rivendell (Suse Linux) and Scott Studios Systems.


Created music libraries on hard drive and the databases from CD and vinyl for various stations.


I am proficient with all of the above audio broadcast software as well as the following software programs: Sound Forge, Vegas, Acid Pro, Cool Edit Pro, Adobe Audition and Saw.


I am experienced in using radio software for extensive audio production, editing, Multi-track recording, noise reduction, file conversion and all software related functions.


Strong experience in AM and FM audio processing.


Proficient with the set up and adjustment of the Orban 8000, 8100, 8200, 2200 as well as the Omnia 6, 4.5 and 3.


Skillful with audio add on equipment such as Modulation Sciences composite processors and stereo enhancement gear and its effect on multi-path.


Good working knowledge of RF principles as applied to AM and FM broadcast and related transmission lines and antenna systems.


Good working knowledge of telephone hybrids and digital phone devices like Gentner and Telos.


2003 to 2004 – Cumulus Broadcasting – WSM-FM – WNPL – WWTN – WQQK – WRQQ
I started as board operator for WWTN. Within a couple of months, I moved into Webmaster and Design as well as assisting my Dad in Information Technologies & Engineering. I was involved with the Nashville build out consisting of all digital technologies including Digital Wheatstone consoles and Scott Studios system automation. I assisted in the set up a Windows 2003 server, as well as another web server, Wicks Broadcast billing software, CBSI, Promostuite, Tapscan, Maximizer,and Qualitap. I also collaborated with my Dad in maintaining all the networks that run the 6 radio stations located in one main broadcast complex. I also worked on air on weekends on Star 97 – WRQQ – 97.1 FM.


2002-2003 – Cromwell Group, Inc. - WBUZ-FM, WQZQ-FM, Nashville, WCTZ-AM Clarksville, TN – WBIO FM, WXCM FM, WVJS AM, Owensboro KY - WLME Hawesville KY, WTCJ AM, WTCJ FM Tell City IN, WKCM AM Hawesville KY.
I was Assistant Engineer & IT at the Cromwell Group, Inc. Cromwell has over 21 stations in it’s ownership with our responsibility the Nashville, Clarksville & Owensboro stations. We maintained all stations from the microphones to the antennas. We also took care of all the computers and automation systems including the computers and related software.


1998-2002 - Twenty Five, Inc. - WJKM-AM
At age 14 I was hired at WJKM and began to work weekends playing country oldies. Within 6 months I was doing afternoon drive playing adult top 40 while attending Satterfield Middle School in Hartsville. I hosted the afternoon drive show with students and teachers as guests. The middle school had never beaten the high school in any competition. The Principal of the middle school Mr. Kerr and I went on the air everyday pushing a canned food drive. After two weeks the school was overloaded with canned goods. We beat the high school by a large margin.
I was then asked to do all the dances at the middle school as well as the high school.
We recorded the dances and played them back on Saturdays, as WJKM at that time was daytime only. We would find sponsors to advertise during the dance playbacks.
I planned and promoted a WJKM teen appreciation event series. The events were outdoor barbecues in City Park behind the radio station and pool a splash party that had record attendance from area kids & parents. The radio station salesman went out and sold advertising packages for the pool splash. The pool splash brought in more money than the entire football season did as merchants wanted to participate in support of the teen audience.


At age 16 my family moved to Lebanon and I started attending Wilson Central High School. We met with Larry Kernegas the school principal. He expressed an interest in my broadcasting the show live from Wilson Central. My Brother and I constructed a studio at Wilson Central High. We installed a Marti Transmitter at Wilson Central and I built a custom computer and installed Wavestation. I started broadcasting my afternoon show from Wilson Central High once again with students and teachers as guests. This was accomplished using the custom computer, Wavestation and Marti.


Other Interests and Certificates
I am a member of the SBE local Chapter 103 and have the CBNT certification. I received my Technician Class Amateur Radio License and currently studying for my General Class License. I stay active in amateur radio as a member of the ARRL (American Radio Relay League) as well as ARES (Amateur Radio Emergency Service). I also have obtained my Storm Spotter Certification.


Watt Hairston Chief Engineer WSM Radio & Gaylord Entertainment (call 4 Numbers)
Don Griffey President of SBE Local Chapter 103
J.J Jordan EECS major (Electrical Engineering and Computer Sciences)
University of California -- Berkeley
Robbie Minnick Fifth Third National Bank (former Microsoft code writer)












"I think Linux Is GOD!"
Matt Aaron





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